The start...

Founded by Mercy Fontoura in 2018 after being in a rift between being comfortably unhappy in an unsatisfying job or follow a dream in making her hobby her source of income... as you see she chose the latter.  

Official Cakeline is a small dessert company with the sole purpose of making sweet things happen for you, based in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire they cater to the surrounding areas of Bedfordshire and London.


Mercy Fontoura is a self-taught baker, creating sweet treats from scratch, mixing classic flavours and customising new ones, each with an individual touch for each customer; no treat is the same. With a passion for baking and the aid of her sisters it was a no-brainer that this dream would turn into a career with the sole aim of satisfying your sweet tooth.

Bela Fontoura- Social liasin director
Mercy Fontoura- Owner and Head Baker
smiley fontoura- delivery manager

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Store Policy

FAQ's   |   07549612602   |   8am-8pm  Monday - Saturday